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100 Happy Days – Day 11
Slept in today – a little thing, but it’s been forever since I haven’t woken up at 3 or 4 am and then struggled to get back to sleep at least until 6.  Today I slept right through till 8am.

Filed my unemployment claim again today and it actually went through.  So supposedly I should get a deposit this week.  I am a bit afraid to use it because of the hearing.  I’m afraid I’ll have to pay it all back.

On the job hunting front… I wish there were still old-style small offices.  While I would love to work with animals, I think I need a job that has steady hours and a reliable schedule.  I don’t do well with the unexpected and unplanned.  (hence this unemployment ‘adventure’ has been extremely hard on me – not knowing what is going on)  I also don’t do well in large groups.  So I’d love to find an office where I work alone or with a small group of people.   Any ideas?