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100 Happy Days – Day 16
Went to see Ghostbusters in the theater today!!  I had never seen it on the big screen.

Just general anxiety today.  I seem to do fine when I can ignore everything.  Then I get an email from my uncle asking questions about my job etc for the hearing and my heart jumps into my throat.  Just want it to be over.

Applied for a receptionist job at a doctor’s office today.  I am applying for things that I probably would be considered “Overqualified” for and I’m hoping that doesn’t deter them.  I AM applying for the job after all.  I want a position that won’t be too stressful.

I wish I had been able to go to the doctor about how I feel because then perhaps I could get partial disability and maybe then just work part time.  (Even my mom says that would probably be good for me)  But alas.. I am afraid to go to the doctor.  That is something I’m really going to have to try to do once I have insurance again.  I do not like the way this is hovering over me all the time.

Just hoping this weekend is stress free and that I don’t get any emails or anything from my uncle until next week. Would like a few days to not even have to deal with unemployment.