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100 Happy Days – Day 18
Liverpool won over Tottenham today!!!!  Wooo!!

Had some chamomile Tea last night.  Totally knocked me out and I’ve been tired all day.  Meh.
Didn’t really do anything job related today.  Trying to build myself up for thursday while ignoring it at the same time.  Sigh…

Mom said I should sign up for the ACA and I’d probably get medicaid since I have no income.

So Happy Labor Day tomorrow.  Kind of ironic.

Wish I knew someone that I could borrow their dog for a night to see how mine does.  Have been thinking about getting a second dog for a while.  Rose is 7 and well I have a very tight bond with her, and since she is getting older it might be good to overlap for well….    She’s okay with dogs outside the house, but, I’m just nervous that bringing in another one would upset things.  Sigh… I really do overthink everything.