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100 Happy Days  – Day 19 (a day late)
Went to visit my aunt.  Haven’t been to that house in ages.  Had a nice afternoon. 

(will post today’s later)

Did my obligatory job application today.  (Unemployment requires it.)  Feeling really nervous.  I get jumpy every time I see a new message in my inbox.  I am afraid the phone will ring.  I want this over.  And then I get scared if, on the VERY off chance, that it is decided in my favor, that they’ll appeal again.  I want to be finished with my former employer.  I wasn’t a fan of them before, but this is making me truly hate them.

I am sick and tired of this fear.  And the feeling that I am a disappointment.  It’s weird.  I want this week to pass really fast because I want it finished, but I am so scared that I don’t want thursday to come at all.

Feel like crawling into a ball and never coming out.