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100 Happy Days – Day 21
Beautiful day so two walks!  

Really nervous about the hearing tomorrow.  More about the process now, since I don’t care about the results (except I hope whatever the result that my former employer just drops it)  If I don’t get unemployment, I’m okay for a bit.  I sign up for the Affordable Care Act and get a part time job if I can’t fund a full time one.    If I do get the unemployment (and they don’t appeal – god that would be horrible) then I’m good for several months.

My parents are great.  My dad is going with me tomorrow – he’ll sit in the waiting room – just for moral support.  And my mom said today that even though I’m still scared and full of anxiety, that I am much better than I was when this first started.
Hopefully by noon tomorrow I’ll be on my way home and this will all be over.