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100 Happy Days – Day 31
Watched the very first Doctor Who with my dad.  Pretty cool 

All day I’ve been feeling a bit down.  Feeling like I screwed up in life.  I’m so scared about finding a new job.  I’m scared that my unemployment is going to run out.  I’m just scared.  Keeping it to myself, because I have no idea how to tell anyone.  I’m not scared of anything specific… just feeling lost for no reason.  Sigh… I really want this to stop.  Yesterday was such a good day.  I felt so happy playing with Rose on the playground and today its just meh.  Scared and anxious.  I wish there was some way to fix this.  But I can’t.  I have no medical insurance so I can’t even see a doctor about it.  Just want to curl up under the covers and not deal with the world.  I wish I was a kid again and other people could fix it for me.