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100 Happy Days – Day 44
Technically not today, but… Jeter’s final hit at Yankee Stadium was amazing.  And with Posada, Pettite and Mariano being there.  Wow.  I cried.  

Really putzed around this morning.  I didn’t walk (and I kind of feel bad about that) and I didn’t even job search until this evening.  Had a lazy day.  Considering I’ve been doing everything on schedule for so long, I don’t think it’s that bad.  And at least I feel bad about it.

I am thinking about planning a day trip to Sleepy Hollow. Not because of the show – I liked it before then.  I named my first cat Ichabod when I was 12.  I feel a bit guilty for doing it.  Like I shouldn’t be having fun while I’m on unemployment.  And on the other hand I also feel like I’ve wasted the whole summer sitting around.  Sigh.