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100 Happy Days – Day 47
Used the retractable leash at the park today, so Rose got to run around.  It was fun to see her romping around. 

Did my applications this morning… again kind of hoping I don’t get a call because I like being home.

I’m getting into the fall vibe.  Took my air conditioner out of the window… thinking about halloween decorations.

Also finally got my broadsword up and displayed – thank you dad for making the hanger.  Next step is my American sword collection (Revolutionary, and Civil War US & Confederate)   All are reproductions, but I think they’re cool.

I am finally feeling calm and happy and the moments of anxiety are becoming less – mainly centered around my morning job hunt. I don’t have the feeling like I’m having a heart attack, I don’t cry several times a week, I’m not afraid to go to sleep on sunday nights.   I don’t want this to change.  Is that wrong?