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100 Happy Days – Day 49
Watched Jeopardy with mom and laughed because (unusually) neither of us knew most of the answers

Did the normal search for work this morning.  Asked some old friends who I had worked with a while ago if I could use them as professional references (since I don’t trust the people I worked with at my last job)   I was talking with my mom and from what she has discussed with people is that it was most likely my co-workers were tattling on me or complaining about me because I was the odd one out.  I went to work to work, not to socialize.  So I didn’t fit in.  One time we all got called into a meeting because not everyone went to the funeral of a man from another department who had passed away.  That’s just crazy.  I had seen him in the office, but I didn’t know him.  EVERYTHING in the office revolved around socialization.  You were marked down if you didn’t go to the holiday party (where people got drunk) or if you didn’t go to the company picnic.  Yet if you did all that and were weeks behind in your work, that was okay.

Enough thinking about that.  Can you believe I am already thinking about Christmas?  I figure since money will be tighter this year, I’m going to try to buy some things ahead of time.  I’m actually excited about it.  But Halloween is first. Can’t wait to start decorating!