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100 Happy Days – Day 56
I subscribed to Nerd Block today.  Yeah, I should be saving money, but I wanted to try this box for a month or two (plus this month has something from How to Train Your Dragon in it)

Applied for a couple of jobs today.  Seems like everything is part time or high level.  Sigh….

My mom was watching a neighbor’s baby today because they had a family emergency and at one point my mom told me to just walk with the stroller so she could run into the house to go to the bathroom.  The kid started to cry.  Man, I had no idea what to do.  I can talk to my dog no problem, but I freeze with a baby.  Guess I don’t have that maternal instinct.  Give me a kid who can talk any time.  (When I was at work and someone would bring in their baby, I’d always hide at my desk hoping I didn’t have to coo over it.)  I have never held a baby and will be okay if I don’t have to.  😛