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100 Happy Days – Day 63
Went to Sleepy Hollow!  It met my expectations and exceeded them.  Amazing place!  I want to live in Washington Irving’s home!!

Today was a great day!   I was totally able to let go and enjoy myself.  Went to Sleepy Hollow and saw Washington Irving’s grave and also the Old Dutch Church (where the Headless Horseman is supposedly buried)  We also went to Philipsburg Manor (an old dutch colonial house and mill) and finally we went to Sunnyside – Washington Irving’s home.  Man I want to live there!!!    It wasn’t too crowded because it was a weekday.  It’s only an hour away, but I had never been there.

I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a let down after such a wonderful day!  I am totally exhausted (good thing) and just really happy.