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100 Happy Days – Day 65
Finally succeeded in making chocolate filled cupcakes!  They look great and they’re yummy!!!

Did the job search and did the obligatory application.  I honestly don’t want things to change.  Is that bad?  Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t have this drive to get a job, or to get a job with advancement.  I’d be happy with a nothing job that I just go in and do and then go home.  And if I’m not there, it still gets done.  It seems like if you want or have a job like that, you’re expected to want more.  Not everyone wants to be the president of a company.  I abhor the corporate world and the games that people play.  I don’t know how to play those games, nor do I want to learn.  Square peg in a world of round holes.  Hence my desire to just stay home.

Went to see Fury today.  Amazing movie.  Some of the action made me think of Generation Kill – with the tanks in Fury comparing to the Humvees of Generation Kill.

Hoping for a good weekend.