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100 Happy Days – Day 66
Finished my fall hand sewn wreath today.  Made it from scratch with no pattern.

I am tired of being afraid of what might happen.  I have been eyeing this rescue dog for weeks.  I am afraid to move forward because of so many “what ifs”  What if she doesn’t get along with my dog… what if my dog feels slighted because I can’t focus on just her anymore… what if I feel overwhelmed, will my parents step in to help me… and so on…
Logically, I know this is a good time to get a new dog since I am home and will have the time to train and socialize.    But I can’t get over these “what ifs”  And I’m also at the point where I don’t want someone else to adopt her.
Feel like screaming over these thoughts in my head.   This is what I hate about the anxiety.  I am preventing myself from things I want to do because of these horrible “what ifs”  And I seem to have trouble vocalizing how I feel because it never comes across like it does in my head and I feel like people won’t understand.
I want this dog (she was a stray and is a bit timid so I feel a bit of kinship), but I’m scared.  I don’t know what to do.  😦