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100 Happy Days – Day 70
Finished my second pillow cover and working on an owl.

Wow.. today was totally derailed.  Woke up and I had no internet on my main computer so was stuck looking for a job on my tiny netbook.  I had to re-login to everything and copy my resume onto a flash drive etc.  Hopefully I didn’t have any typos from using the tiny keyboard.
Then I get an email from my brother that he’s home sick so he can’t go to the Red Bulls match tonight.  If it had been a regular game I would have gone, but since it was a CONCACAF Champions match, there’s no shuttle service from the train and I’m not about to go trapseing around Newark at night by myself.  So, with the weather and the fact that they’re out of the tournament I decided not to go – not that upset about it.
AND… the dog I loved so much on the rescue site got adopted.  Great for her, but sad for me.

So with all of that, I never quite got back on track today.  I thrive on planning and routine and today had none of that. 😛