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100 Happy Days – Day 73
I am happy for pure dumb luck!  

Started out very ordinary – doing laundry.  Decided to take my dog Rose to Petsmart for a Halloween photo shoot.  Well she wasn’t happy and to the enjoyment of the people at the register, she plopped herself down at the door and I had to drag her.  Needless to say, we didn’t get our photo taken.

Went to take my old dresser to my aunt’s house and while having a lovely afternoon, my cousin’s wife was coming back from her allotment garden and when she was pulling in the driveway, she accidentally hit the gas instead of the break.. car wound up on it’s side down the hill in the neighbor’s back yard.  She is fine and most of the damage to the car was done by the firemen cutting away the roof so they could get her out.  That was insane!

Then on the way home I had to break on a major interstate because  deer was crossing.  It calmly looked up at me and then turned around and walked away.  Sheesh.