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100 Happy Days – Day 86
Out shopping with mom and got some nice crafting supplies.

Bad night sleeping last night – woke up almost every hour for some reason.  Maybe anxiety about something I don’t know.  So I’ve been exhausted all day.  Took me forever to get started this morning – really didn’t feel like job hunting.  Rose and I did go for our walk, but it was slow.    Hopefully next week is a bit better job hunting wise – not that I want to get a job, but to make my search record look a bit better.

My brother’s Christmas present arrived today – I think I need to get it framed.  Thank god for coupons since it is a strange size (ie can’t just go buy a frame) Also my rug for my study came today (Thanks mom!)  It’s just a throw rug, but it warms up the room a bit.