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100 Happy days – Day 88
(Hard one today) Pretty warm nice weather today.

Headache all day even when I take something.  Hoping a good night’s sleep tonight will help that.  Wondering if it’s my sinuses since I”m a bit congested too.  I’ve never had a sinus headache so I’m not sure.  My one side of my mouth is still bothering me… sigh.  Wish I hadn’t been so scared of going to the dentist before.

I just feel sad today.  I keep wishing it were years ago when I was happy and care free.  Nothing in particular went wrong today, I just feel like crawling under the covers and crying.  I feel like things would be find if I hadn’t been so scared of things – like my teeth wouldn’t be sensitive.  I don’t know why I’m scared of doctors, but just the thought of one makes me want to throw up.  Not that I could do anything now anyway with no insurance.  I guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself today.

Went to see Interstellar – totally boring to me.  I feel like I wasted the whole day – it’s more than 2.5 hours long! Then was stuck in a crowded resteraunt with no way out and a headache.  Just want to crawl into bed and wake up as say a 15 year old and just have to worry about going to school in the morning.  😦