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100 Happy Days – Day 89
Loving my mom – she helped me pay for my brother’s Christmas gift to be framed. 

Back to applying.  Applied today – not really wanting it.  I feel a bit like a failure because I’m not even getting an interview and I know I’m for the most part qualified for the jobs I’m applying for.  Hell I’m over qualified for most of them.  A friend of mine in the UK lost her job about a month ago and already had an interview – granted she’s going for part time but it’s just crazy.

I checked and I have 13 weeks of benefits left – that takes me to the end of January.  I’ll really start applying for real after new years and if it runs out before I get something then I apply for part time.

It’s strange that I’m feeling this way because I don’t want a job now, but I feel bad that I’m not even getting any interest.  Sigh…