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100 Happy Days – Day 92
We’re getting our first snow of the year.  It’s not supposed to amount to much, but it’s still kind of magical.

Did the application thing today.  Mom is pressuring me into signing up for the ACA.  I was going to pass this year and do it next year.  I never use the doctors anyway and I don’t want more than half of my monthly income going to insurance that I won’t use.  Sigh…   And if you’re over thirty they don’t offer just the Catastrophic coverage.  I can feel my whole body tense up when she mentions it.

My ear is all clogged.  That’s what I get for allergies.  Most people get puffy or itchy eyes and stuffed up noses.  Me?  I get clogged ears.  Fun times.

Only a few more daily posts.  After my 100 days are up, I’ll just post when I actually have something to say.  😀