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100 Happy Days – Day 96
Happy Birthday to my mom!  My brother is coming over and we’re all going out to dinner!

Job hunting this morning.  I find myself actually hoping I don’t get anything and then at the end of January I can just get a part time job (I’m actually seeing a bunch of them, but I’m getting more on unemployment right now than I’d earn)  I’d really like only working 20-30 hours a week.

I was getting a bit frustrated that I wasn’t getting interviews, but for the next month or so I really don’t want them.  I’ve got my holiday schedule kind of worked out – ie baking and candy making etc. So I don’t want it messed up.  (Once I have plans down, I really get anxious if they have to change)

Kind of a good thing about being home – called this morning to make appts for the pets to have their annual exam and they had time today!  Usually I have to wait a week or so for an evening appointment.  So now I’ve got two sleepy animals.  🙂