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Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  My aunt and my cousin and his wife came. (My uncle had to work)  It was really nice.  I did get a bit overwhelmed and anxious at the preparation.  But took a nice hot shower wednesday night and then went to bed.

Here in NJ, we had a nasty snowstorm on wednesday.  We only got about 4 inches here, but it kind of messed up my plans for this weekend.  Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving we put up the outside Christmas decorations.  Well, that isn’t happening.  We still have our turkey out because the stakes are frozen into the ground.  It makes me anxious because it is not what I had planned.  (I don’t do well when the world springs surprises at me and doesn’t follow my prepared script. 😛 )  But hopefully I can at least get the turkey down and the lights up if not any of the standees and figures until the snow melts.

On a good part I’ve just about finished my Christmas shopping – just need to get a few more things.