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My mom finally understands.  She is giving me no pressure to find a job right now.  She is agreeing with me to keep unemployment until it runs out and then look in earnest – and get a part time job.

This is also a good thing because we had a bit of an issue with my dog this weekend.  She was limping and of course my mind got the best of me and I was thinking the worst.  Turns out it is fixable – she has a stretched or torn ligament and we have to keep her quiet for two weeks to see if it improves.  If it doesn’t then we get xrays done and possible surgery.  (my mom has even said she’d help with the costs if necessary)  Anyway, this weekend truly showed that I need to get a second dog.  I truly could not handle if something happened having to come home to an empty house. (Even just thinking about it is making me almost cry now)  When I got Rose, we had a family dog that was much older and she wound up passing away a couple of months after we got Rose.  It was very sad and I cried alot, but when we got home, there was Rose.   So my mom has said that it is a priority to find another dog before I go back to work. (we’re looking to rescue a youngish dog)

So of course today I get an email from a guy I used to work with (previous job to the one I got fired from – I had emailed him about a reference since I didn’t trust the people I had most recently worked with)  He asked if I was still looking for work because he had heard about a job available near me.  I asked him to email me the details.  Problem – I don’t want it.  I truly want to just enjoy the holidays.  I hate it.  He is doing me a favor and I do not want this job.  It seems just when I have a plan laid out, it changes.