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My brother is being discharged tomorrow.  He’s coming here.  Meh.

The other day I went to Petsmart and looked at their adoptable dogs.  I saw a really cute puppy.  She’s still there.  But I don’t know  how to approach my mom.  It seems like I can’t bring up anything but my brother.  It’s really bad timing with all the crap going on but I feel like I don’t want anyone else to have her.  I know she’ll be gone soon – especially by this weekend.

Just feeling a bit left out.  It’s not like my brother is in a coma or unable to care for himself.  My mom even said that he’d be making his own meals while he’s here.  On saturday he’s going out with friends and on monday he’s going to the movies with my dad.   Why does he have to be here????  I’ve been looking for a dog for a long time and now I’m going to miss out on the one I want because I can’t even talk to anyone.  I feel like crying.