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Christmas has come and gone.  My brother has gone home.  Should be calmer now, right?  Nope.

Took my dog to the vet yesterday for xrays.  That was stressfull enough with the sedation and her being gone all day.  So if she doesn’t stop limping surgery is the next step – $3500.  Sigh.

I have about a month left of unemployment.  I’d love to just ease my way back in with a part time job and work up.  Feeling a bit bleh cuz found out the lady across the street who was out of work just got a job at the local grocery store.  I need something with regular hours.

And we’re looking for a new dog.  Of course before xmas when my brother was here I saw several.  Now that the time is right, there’s nothing. 😦

Just feeling overwhelmed by the world. I know other people have it a lot worse and are happy.  I don’t know why I’m not.  Looking back on the year it has been a massive roller coaster.  I’m really glad it’s over but had some really great times.  I’d love to get a bit of a break and an easy new start.