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I am really lost and I don’t know if it can be fixed.

I should be happy – we found a new dog, but I am not connecting.  I keep feeling bad for Rose (our older dog) and Percival (our cat) I feel like I made a huge mistake. But I don’t want to take him back because that could hurt him.

My unemployment has ended.  I still need to find a job.  I am massively scared.  Now I feel like I don’t want to leave Rose and Percival.

My mom isn’t helping matters.  Tonight she was going on about “oh maybe you’ll have to get two part time jobs” etc.  Makes me want to scream and burst out into tears.  I just feel like shutting down sometimes.

I wish I never had to get a job.  I’d love to talk to someone about it, but with the stupid insurance I picked through the ACA I need to have a primary care doctor, but I am scared to go to a doctor (I don’t want a stranger touching me)

I seem to be okay if I keep my head occupied, but if I even think about a job I just feel nauseaus and like I want to cry.

I honestly don’t know what to do and there’s no one I can really talk to about it.