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Still looking.  The interview I had a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t heard anything about.  Not even a “Thank you for coming, but we’ve chosen another candidate”.  Sigh.  My mom keeps asking me about it.  When she asks, I feel like I’m a disappointment to her.  She always seems to bring this stuff up when I’m having a good day.
Tonight, I’m feeling great, working on a craft project and she asks me out of the blue “Do you have any income coming in?”  I said no.  (as my stomach turned over and my heart dropped)  Makes me feel like I should have persued more unemployment, but that makes me think of my last job and how it all ended and it makes me feel sick.
I don’t ever want to deal with that ever again.  I hated the way that place made me feel, I hated the way it ended, and I hate that it still affects me.

I know I should have called for possible extension of my benefits but I was scared.  I am really tired of being scared and I hate that my stupid ACA benefits is an HMO plan that I can’t just go to a counselor without having to have a primary care doctor.

Just feel like crawling under a blanket and shutting out the world.  I wish I was a kid again and didn’t have to deal with the big bad world.