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I haven’t written a post in quite a while, so figured I’d come on.  I’ve had a couple of interviews – so far nothing.  I am going to need something soon – god I hope it isn’t retail.  One of the places I interviewed for would have been pretty cool – 10am-4pm with full time benefits.  And nothing major – picking items and packing boxes for shipping. And 10 min from my house. Not my ideal job, but good for now. Still waiting on the rejection for that one.
My big fear is that places will contact my old job and find out I’m not exactly telling the truth about what happened.  My story is that they reorganized and I was let go – instead of me messing up and getting fired.  Sigh…

My parents are going to be away next week.  Feeling like I need a little “vacation” too.  Might forget the alarm clock and get up a bit later each day.  Just relax a bit.  Instead of getting up at 6.20am every morning and job hunting, then dealing with mom asking if I have any interviews or job offers.  I feel like saying “you’d know, you don’t have to ask”  Sigh…  I just feel like I’m dissappointing her.
I just need a break