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It’s been a while.  Still no job.  😦   I’ve gotten no responses on most of my resumes.  Now this week, I got a call about a part time job.  Was too anxious to call back, now I have to call back tomorrow and I feel bad for not calling back.  I have a phone interview on wednesday, bit scared.  I replied to an email about a job (looks like it’d just be me and the owner). And I got a call from a temp agency about a temp to perm position (but I’m afraid that’s accounting based)   AND on top of all of this I am house/pet sitting for my aunt next week.  Too much all at once.

Just so nervous and scared.  Too much to take in, too much to worry about.  And I like staying at home.

Oh and finally, I am renewing my season ticket for the Red Bulls soccer team and for some reason mine went thought as a monthly payment.  I asked my brother and he has an option to pay all at once or do monthly.  While  yeah the monthly works better now, I am a bit kind of weirded out because I will be paying interest.